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Motion Graphics

You might be asking yourself: “what is motion graphics?” Motion graphics are visual interactions between you and your audience that provide explanations that are not only informative but also entertaining.

“Isn’t that a normal post?” No, silly, it’s motion graphics, it moves. It communicates the information you want your audience to know, in a more palatable bite-sized piece they can understand and would want to engage with.

Now you might be wondering “What’s the difference between motion graphics and animation?” All motion graphics are animations, but not all animation is motion graphics. Makes sense, right? No? Okay. Animation is somewhat of an umbrella term when it comes to moving images in a digital environment. So a cartoon is definitely an animation, but an explainer video to show your audience how to sign up, that’s motion graphics.


A good way to distinguish between the two is by asking the question, is there a story being told? Are you taking the viewer on an adventure (animation), or are you showing them your product? (motion graphics).

So now that we’re all equally confused, let me tell you why you should be using more motion graphics on your platforms. Video overall gets the most interactions on all social media platforms. All 👏 of 👏 them 👏. FacebookInstagramTwitter and look at how fast video-based platforms are still growing, like Snapchat and TikTok.

Your videos don’t have to have a brand ambassador or an influencer, or even a person in them. You can use motion graphics as a way to convey your brand message, products, services or even information that aligns with your brand.

The motion graphics you choose to incorporate doesn’t have to be complex. Simple motion graphics that are easily understandable do better than something that’s over complicated and busy. Look at this example of motion graphics done by B&M. They illustrate all of their services simply with motion graphics. 

What can be Motion Graphic-ed?

What to do next?
Motion graphics is a helpful tool to illustrate your message to your audience. It also adds a fun element to your page and gains more attraction from people. If you have the time to create something beautiful and informative, why not?

If you are interested in teaching yourself how to create motion graphics, there are an enormous amount of resources available on the internet, and try to find some challenges or create your own so that you can improve your skills and become better at motion graphics.

And if you want to create curated motion graphics but you don’t have the time or resources, you can contact us to help you do just that.

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